Densitas Inc.

Who we are

Densitas is a start up medical device company. Our technology addresses a clinical problem for radiologists assessing mammographic density as part of routine full field digital mammography screening.

How it began

The idea that we could improve the measurement of breast density as part of routine mammography imaging is the result of years of academic research, and conversations with radiologists, breast screening program leaders, technologists and physicists. It’s the very definition of translational research: translating findings from research into everyday clinical practice.

The founder’s extensive experience in modeling medical data to inform clinical decision-making allowed him to tackle the problem of breast density measurement from a new perspective and to develop a solution that solves a specific clinical problem. He embarked on developing a robust, fully automated breast density measurement algorithm that could be embedded in a medical device and integrated seamlessly in the clinical workflow.

About our name

The name Densitas evolved from the intent to develop a product focused on measuring breast density, intended for use in a clinical setting. Densitas (DEN-si-tas) is a word of Latin origin and literally means density.

The journey to commercialization

We have developed and validated our algorithm and submitted a provisional patent outlining the methodology. We’re now preparing to pilot test a commercial prototype in a clinical setting; however, a prototype suitable for research purposes may be available sooner.

Our technology will be submitted for regulatory clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration, with submissions in other countries to follow later.